Lorraine Gudas






Lorraine J. Gudas

Weill Cornell


Amazon  fired Christian Smalls, a Staten Island warehouse worker, just hours after he demanded corona virus protections (April, 2020).  In a meeting at Amazon, David Zapolsky, Amazon's general counsel, said that 'Mr. Smalls could be protrayed as"not smart or articulate" to weaken his organizing movement for protective corona virus gear.  Amazon also fired Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa for tyring to set up a meeting with Amazon's warehouse workers.      "The power of large organizations to levy what are in effect taxes is commonplace. It may sometimes be exercised benevolently, but, nevertheless, it is a dictatorial power subject to no public responsibility, which is the antithesis of our democratic tradition." (1938, Thurman Arnold. FDR's asst attorney general in charge of anti-trust).  Where is anti-trust legislation to break up Amazon??

To all of the looters, shame on you!  You are opportunists, lawless people, and should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest. You are damaging many more lives, lives of small business owners and workers,  by your unruly, illegal, and disrespectful behavior.

June 3, 2020