Lorraine Gudas






Lorraine J. Gudas

Weill Cornell







February, 2014

Dear Kagel family:

   I am honored to accept membership in the Skaneateles Lake Cast & Blast Club, Est. 2014. 

  Here is the charter for the club...

  Stuart and his four kids and three grand kids would like to invite you to become honorary members of the Skaneateles Lake Cast & Blast Club.

  This membership entitles you to VIP access to legendary lakeside rocket launches and pontoon bass outings.  Recently, Stuart was overheard telling an employee at the Bass Pro Shop that "2013 was not without its challenges, but failure to launch will not be an option in 2014."  With that bold statement, the Skaneateles Cast and Blast Club seems to be charting a new and exciting course for the summer of '14.

  We welcome you to join us on Skaneateles Lake, where the women are exceptionally beautiful, the men are sometimes friendly, and the kids are all way above average.

I accept with pleasure.

  Lorraine Gudas